FREEPAY MasterCard®:
Your prepaid debit card

  • You do not need a bank account
  • Best way to control your spending
  • Transparent and simple fee structure
  • You can make payments worldwide where MasterCard logo is displayed
Get my card
Buy your card online or in a shop
Activate your card
Top-up your card
Use you card freely

What is FREEPAY prepaid card and how does it work?

FREEPAY is a reloadable prepaid card for everyday use. You can use FREEPAY to pay for merchandize, withdraw cash from ATMs or to make online payments. The FREEPAY card can be used across the MasterCard network that includes approximately 36 milion merchants worldwide.

To obtain your own FREEPAY card you do not need a bank account or any other agreeement with a bank. You can easily buy your own FREEPAY card online or in a shop. Once you have your card, you can load it using your prefered payment method. This can be done both in cash or using wire transfer.

Using aprepaid card is the best way to control your spending. Because it is not linked to a bank account, it is the safest way to make both domestic and international payments.

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